Tuesday, 31 August 2010

chilean miners get psp's

i'm sure you guys remember those chilean miners trapped in that mine, apparently they wont be out of there till christmas, so in an act of insanely misguided compassion the rescuers have provided the miners with psps to pass the time

now to be perfectly honest, unless the rescuers have a super long power cable or are dropping a load of batteries down there, is a device with a battery life as short as the psps really the best idea?

in all seriousness, i hope the miners get outta there alive, god know what they're going through


  1. Hi dude!
    I noticed you just started up a video games blog.
    I have a video games blog too :D

  2. lol! True they should of passed them down Game boy colors with Pokemon Silver and gave them a cable so they can battle and have fun lol! But in all seriousness they need alot more than a PSP.
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